New Book!

With the release of The Hogweed And The Aderyn’s first full length release we’ll have a book ready to go along with it containing notes, lyrics of the previous two EPs, new ones, unused poetry, photographs and inspiring writings covering … Continue reading

The Hogweed And The Aderyn EP II

After the debut EP, The Hogweed And The Aderyn returns with a rather more dark, sparse and maybe a bit more weird follow-up. Not leaving the eastern folk influences or the pastoral mood of English countryside , the sound is enchanted and enhanced with more eclectic wooden instruments and is yet more poetic and adventurous. Subject matter ranging from a prince searching his beloved hill after hill to a bird landed on moon to life itself.

An Edition of 50. Europe 11£ , Rest Of World 12£ . Only 3 copies left!

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