CD’s come in a silk-screened and letter-pressed, environmentally friendly gatefold sleeve -with a little booklet inside- shrouded with brown craft paper and sealed with a barn owl image in antique gold. There also is a complementary phial -of blue spruce leaves, essential oil, rain, wet soil, stones- and one authentic individually numbered cyanotype print. First ten copies come with a special download link to various Weike Editions. 100 copies.

Ritual Incence of Tsuga canadensis, Picea Pungens, Juniperus communis, Oleum Pinus and common berries.


The Pariah
Lore Bodhran
Sacred Alchemy
Life At Countryside

50 Copies. Individually dedicated on the booklet and the wrapping paper. Price is the 11£ (Plus 2£ Europe and 3£ worldwide packaging + postage)




After the debut EP, The Hogweed And The Aderyn returns with a rather more dark, sparse and maybe a bit more weird follow-up. Not leaving the eastern folk influences or the pastoral mood of English countryside , the sound is enchanted and enhanced with more eclectic wooden instruments and is yet more poetic and adventurous. Subject matter ranging from a prince searching his beloved hill after hill to a bird landed on moon to life itself.

Written, recorded and produced by Gozde Omay & Atay Ilgun during the Summer & Autumn of 2012 in Haunted Attic Studios, Ankara.

Card & Envelope made from Forest Steward Council Certified recycled paper.

Comes in a Self Seal Biodegradeable Clear Bag. (Made from corn starch (annually renewable) these are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to CO2 and H2O. (at a constant 58 deg.C it takes approx 45 days to decompose.) They offer a greener alternative to polypropylene.) With two stickers on. One is signed by Atay & Gozde and says Handmade while the other states the material used for the production of the record.


A Retreat
Ije Before Time
Le Goût De L’infini
The Minstrel Prince
Chasing Nightingales
Daily Life In An Aviary

An Edition of 50. Europe 11£ and Rest of World 12£ .




From Reverb Worship

The Hogweed And The Aderyn is also out on Reverb Worship! It is very limited and you can Paypal to roger.linney@btinternet.com or purchase here on Ebay:



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