Poetry of Flutes

李商隱 夜雨寄北



Here is the English translation of the poem:
1. 李商隱  – He was a poet in the old China.

2. 夜雨寄北 – He was went to the North China place before, he was very missing his friend, in a rainy night, he wrote this poem for his friends. ” 夜雨寄北 ” is the heading of the poem.

3. ” 君問歸期未有期 ” – ” 君問歸期 ” is the question asked from the friends of the poet,  ” 未有期 ” is the answer of the poet. ” 君問歸期未有期 ” means his friend asked the poet when he will came back, the poet said he didn’t know.

4. ” 巴山夜雨漲秋池.” – ” 巴山 ” is a big mountain in the west China place, it also have a name ” 大巴山 ” , it is a mountain between the Shaanxi border and a river. On that day, the poet was living in Sichuan Province, so ” 巴山 ” is can be means the mountain in Sichuan Province. ” 夜雨 ” means a rainy night.” 漲秋池 ” means the autumn raining made the reservoir fill of water. ” 巴山夜雨漲秋池.”  means in the mountain, in the autumn rainy night, the resevoir are fill of water by the rain.

5. ” 何當共剪西窗燭 ” – ” 何當 ” means when, what day, ” 共剪西窗燭 ” means cut the lamp flower of the candle in the window together with his friend. Nowadays China has a idiom ” 剪燭西窗 ” , means miss or meet together between friends. ” 剪燭 ” : in the past, if people put the fire on  the candle or the oil lamp for a long time, a ” lamp flower ” would be appeared, after people cut this lamp flower, the candle or the oil lamp would be more bright. ” 西窗 ” means window.

6. ” 卻話巴山夜雨時 ” – ” 卻話 ” means go back to a talking. ” 卻 ” means back, review. ” 卻話巴山夜雨時 ” means the poet wanted he and his friend could talking in the autumn rainy night, in the mountain.

This poem was wrote by the poet 李商隱 on AD 848 years, since the poet went to picnic, so he wrote this poem to his wife.