456110_3361656179922_1503816262_oEverything has started when Gözde Omay has seen a video Atay İlgün shot when he was out with Daniel Vincent around March of 2011. It was the weekly Ukulele day at the pub where everyone with their lyric sheet and ukulele playing Hey Jude. Later on, strolling in the meadows of Oxfordshire she thought about the instrument and decided to get one of those, they also decided to attend to one of those days. Later on they indeed did bought an Ukelele but forgot to attend to one of those events. During their nightly tea times at Cumberland Arms at North End Road and before sleep they started to write very simple folkloric songs. Later on however that might be they travelled all around the Europe with that Ukulele and continued to write songs along the way. For example the fiphotorst demo for Sacred Alchemy was recorded in London while the first demo for Pariah was recorded in Atay’s home in Ankara.
After all I believe we could say that none of these happened unless that ukulele happened.
Anyways… Abandoning those demos and Atay returned to England for another season knowing that he’ll back for those demos (and his beloved of course). When he came back within a springily month or two they almost finished their first release. And two months after that with the addition of new instruments and thoughts found new EP saw the daylight within a week or so. Being a huge step from the first EP, it was more acoustic, sparse and dark. Lyrical content moved to a deeper, perhaps higher state inspired from, Baudelaire inspired thoughts about life-art, history of history of civilizations in Central Asia, Shamanism, a poor minstrel rescuing his beloved princess from a palace and to nature as always.


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